Boat triping

Today’s post is about travelling to islands in Dakar. I visited two of them last year: Ile de Ngor and Ile de Gorée. I still haven’t been in Ile de la Madeleine because it’s quite difficult to get there. I haven’t been able to find a regular transportation that can get me safely to the island…


To start with, I’ll talk about Gorée. This island is located 2kms from Dakar harbour (Port Autonome de Dakar). There are regular ferrys that come and go, so it’s easy to organize your trip to visit the island. Gorée is not big, you can walk all the island in two or three hours.

These are the views arriving to the island:

2013-05-03 17.29.09

It has a population of approximately 1.000 inhabitants but most of Dakar’s population affirm they’d love to live there if it weren’t that expensive. The reason for that, are the high living standards and the beautifully kept colonial buildings. Gorée is clean and structured, it seems as if it was another country inside Dakar.

Anyway, once we got to Gorée’s port, we hired a man who was supposedly a guide (I think he wasn’t), but he took us all around the island and showed us the best spots and views.

First of all, we visited the slavery museum, as Gorée used to be an important island for slave trading. On the pictures you can see the entrance to the museum and a statue representing the slaves.

2013-05-03 17.55.22 2013-05-03 20.10.55

The rooms where they kept the slaves and the exit where they were thrown to the sea if they weren’t healthy enough to survive the hard conditions… 😦

2013-05-03 17.48.43 2013-05-03 17.50.10

Walking around the island, you’ll find several artisan markets and artists selling paintings. I actually bought one, framed it and hang it up the wall of my dining room. It looks great 🙂

2013-05-03 18.05.37 2013-05-03 18.06.14

2013-05-03 18.13.26 2013-05-03 18.17.43

This guy on the picture above did sand paintings, we visited his workshop and he even did a sample for us.

As we continued with our tour through Gorée, it just kept getting better and better…
2013-05-03 18.22.37
The views were magnificent! Specially when the sun began to come down.
2013-05-03 18.29.45
2013-05-03 20.10.46
The city center…
2013-05-03 18.33.29 2013-05-03 18.37.48
 2013-05-03 18.46.35 2013-05-03 18.45.24
2013-05-03 20.10.37 2013-05-03 18.53.34
2013-05-03 20.10.33
And on our way back to Dakar, these amazing views…
2013-05-03 19.17.17
Ngor is a small island which is only 400m away from the coast of Ngor city (at the highest point of Les Almadies). It’s basically a residential area where there are big houses and not much more to do. It’s an interesting destination though, if you’re looking for surf schools.
We got there with a wooden small boat (dinghy), which had a capacity of about 30 people but I think we were at least 40, the boat was actually sinking while we were on our way!
IMG_8440 IMG_8505
At our arrival at the island we found some bars at the beach with deck chairs and parasols…
There was a lot of vegetation, nice hostels and little paths leading the way to the beaches.
IMG_8444 IMG_8445
IMG_8449 IMG_8447
We eventually arrived to a reef from where we had great views of the deep blue sea.
IMG_8452 IMG_8471
IMG_8455 IMG_8459
IMG_8473 IMG_8499
The weather was veeery warm (we went in October) so we eventually found a small place to eat with private access to a  beach. It had all this surf theme and we thought it would be nice but… the service was awful so we left without even drinking a coke (even though we were thirsty to death…).
Here are the pictures of the restaurant in case someone else has been there and can suggest what to eat:
IMG_8479 IMG_8478
Happily, on our way back we went alone in the dinghy.
Hope you liked the post!!!! Let me know if someone has more information about how to get to Madeleine island.

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