Chilling at Lamantin Beach Resort

We had been several weeks looking for special places that where close to Dakar were we could go and spend a nice and relaxing weekend. After looking for the best options, we decided to try with Hotel Lamantin Resort Beach & Spa and it was splendid. Here are its web and its Facebook page for you to check out what I’m talking about…énégal/203804285896?fref=ts

The hotel was beautiful, always maintaining the Senegalese spirit.


IMG_1410 IMG_1412

The little paths covered with vegetation lead us to our room. As you can see, all bungalows were made of mud and branches with a very high standard of comfort  and always maintaining the senegalese atmosphere.


And here we are, room 451 🙂

IMG_1592 IMG_1417

IMG_1422 IMG_1423

IMG_1428 IMG_1425

It was sunny and beautiful outside so we left our stuff and went quickly to the beach. On our way there, we took a walk beside the port and one of its restaurants (Lamantin Hotel has three!). The outside jacuzzi was also quite tempting 😉

IMG_1438 IMG_1440


IMG_1447 IMG_1454


Once we had been at the beach for a while, we moved to the swimming pool to eat lunch. This was our menu: club sandwich and salmon sandwich with fries and coke… just what we needed before taking a nap!

IMG_1465 IMG_1472


After we’d finished eating, they brought us fresh fruit, cucumber and cold wet towels to refresh ourselves.

IMG_1475 IMG_1480

After we woke up, we thought we might try the spa, the first photo was taken at our little terrace…

IMG_1483 IMG_1487

And this is how it looked!! They offered all types of beauty treatments, jacuzzi, massages, relaxation room, sauna… the best place to relax and enjoy your vacations.

IMG_1491 IMG_1489

Once we were done, we headed to its artisanal village where you could get all types of “pareos”, bracelets, wooden figures, typical paintings…



IMG_1503 IMG_1495


And after that, it was time for a mohito. The bar was great, with little intimate zones and close to the port. You could even smoke a shisha while listening to some background music and enjoying the perfect breeze. Weather is much better than in Dakar!!


IMG_1504 IMG_1507

It was getting late so we had to choose a restaurant to have dinner!

There was the “beach club restaurant”; a bar-lounge with music and a terrace that leads directly to the beach. It looked awesome with its white decoration and just in front of the beach but we preferred to see some show, so we finally headed to “la terrasse du port”.

This restaurant offered a very complete menu and performances that went on until late night. It all started with a fashion catwalk, a belly dancer, a contortionist…


IMG_1569 IMG_1541


IMG_1550 IMG_1578


This was some of the food offered. Looks good, huh? 😉

IMG_1538 IMG_1537

We stayed at the open air disco, had a Gin Tonic and went to sleep. The moon was amazing!

IMG_1600 IMG_1516


Next morning we were already leaving so we went to have breakfast at “Les Paletuviers” where they had an amazing international selection. It was really pleasant to have breakfast outside, with all the views.

IMG_1586 IMG_1588

Bye bye Lamantin, it was a pleasure!!


It was a shame we couldn’t stay longer because the hotel offered all types of adventure activities such as jet ski, buggy, quads, boat excursions, fishing… And sports! they had tennis and volley courts and a gym.

Anyway, it’s the best place to do a getaway and leave the congested city and/or to come for several days and get to know the most touristic zone in Senegal: Sally.

Hope you liked the post!!!

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