Visiting Dakar: days 1 and 2

I’m really excited with the posts that are about to being released because my parents came over to Senegal last week so I organized for them loads of activities and journeys.

They came for 8 days, staying 4 days in Dakar and the other 4 traveling south. Today’s post will be about the activities done the first two days.

Day 1:

Morning: on our way to the “autoroute” we stopped at the little market next to the pullmann hotel. They have cute stuff but with high prices (it’s a tourist zone).


_DSC7054 _DSC7056


_DSC7062 _DSC7055

We then did a short visit to Mbao. Ever since the autoroute has been done, it takes very little time to arrive to the cities around Dakar (even for overloaded cars…).


_DSC7084 _DSC7085


We had lunch at Lagoon restaurant. It’s a nice and renowned place to take your visitors. It’s quite expensive but has a pretty view over the sea and you can taste all types of senegalese fish. In the pictures, views of the presidential palace and of Lagoons’ terrace:

_DSC7088 _DSC7086

Afternoon: Ile de Gorée. Check out my other post: to have more information about this island.

_DSC7118 _DSC7130


_DSC7145 _DSC7140

_DSC7153 _DSC7152


_DSC7163 _DSC7165 _DSC7167 _DSC7166

_DSC7170 _DSC7177

The house of the slaves…


_DSC7199 _DSC7200

_DSC7202 _DSC7204

_DSC7207 _DSC7215

_DSC7223 _DSC7221

_DSC7245 _DSC7243

Back to Dakar…

_DSC7247 _DSC7246

Day 2:

Morning: On the second day in Dakar, we had breakfast and headed straight to the Lac Rose, check out my other post for more information. As you can see in the pictures, the lake was not pink… I’ve read it depends on the weather, the season and the plants inside the water, so this time we weren’t lucky. However, on my other post you’ll see that in March, the lake was really pink… It’s a beautiful place to visit anyway!


_DSC7263 _DSC7277


_DSC7278 _DSC7282


Afternoon: after lunch, I decided it was time to take a walk through the city center and to visit the most emblematic places: palais presidentiel, place de la independance and the sandaga market.

I must say that most of the official buildings are either not worth visiting (for example, the Hotel de Ville has absolutelly nothing inside) or not allowed to enter. So it’s probably best to take the picture from outside and just take a walk.

_DSC7293 _DSC7291


_DSC7302 _DSC7309

May I suggest to buy a guide before traveling to Senegal?


Sandaga market…


_DSC7316 _DSC7314


We finished our day having a bissap and a baobab juice at the Institut Français’s bar.

_DSC7352 _DSC7358 _DSC7355 _DSC7354

Hope you enjoyed the post, I’ll keep posting about this journey on the next weeks!!!

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