Visiting Dakar: day 3 and 4

The third day of our journey was all about mosquées. But before that, we went to Kermel market.

Day 3:

Morning: Placed in the city center, the Kermel market is a good place to get immersed in the real senegalese atmosphere, as the majority of clients are local. You’ll find almost everything: fish, meat, vegetables, fruits…

You can also take a walk on its surroundings where you’ll find all types of senegalese souvenirs. In fact, we bought a big orange and brown basket which we wrapped and checked in at the airport to send it back to Spain.


_DSC7374 _DSC7371

_DSC7373 _DSC7372


_DSC7379 _DSC7375

The old train station. It’s a shame they don’t maintain such a beautiful building…


After that, we visited the Grande Mosquée.


_DSC7391 _DSC7389

… and the Cheikh Oumar Foutiyou Tall Mosquée. But they didn’t let us enter any of them 🙂

_DSC7397 _DSC7396

Afternoon: we started our afternoon walking around the HLM market. This market is mainly a fabrics market but you can find loads of other stuff. It’s amazing how all of these vendors sell exactly the same fabrics and still have  clients…


_DSC7417 IMG_1766


IMG_1760 _DSC7415


We continued to the Hann park. A park in the middle of the city with a very dense vegetation but as always, a bit forgotten. There’s also a zoo, which I didn’t visit.


_DSC7435 _DSC7438


And… I had to show them the African Renaissance Monument! Check out my other post for more info:

Not suitable for people with giddiness and/or claustrophobia. I must say that once you’re up in the monuments’ head, it can move with the wind….


_DSC7466 _DSC7462


When we were leaving, we found a senegalese music group who was playing the “bongos”. I love the typical senegalese music, it’s so rhythmical and easy to listen to…


And last but not least, we went to the fish market. But on our way, we stopped to take a picture of the Divinité Mosquée:


Fish market (visit the other post: ).


IMG_1777 IMG_1788


IMG_1787 IMG_1786


IMG_1779 _DSC7502


IMG_1789 IMG_1793


Day 4:

Next day we didn’t have much more to see, so we decided go on with a more relaxing plan.

Morning: we visited Pikine, one of the most overcrowded districts of Dakar:

IMG_1815 IMG_1819 IMG_1818 IMG_1829


And after that, we felt like swimming in the Atlantic Ocean so we headed to Lagoons’ restaurant beach. The water was freeeezing!!!!


Afternoon: I took my parents to visit the “Pouponnière” association, which looks after senegalese abandoned kids or others who have lost their mother at birth and also work with adoption programs. There were a lot of volunteers helping and everything looked great. I’d never imagine there could be such a clean and organised place for babies here in Dakar. We did a contribution to help them with their work, if you’re interested, you can check out their website:

Their center is placed near the city center, in Medina.

IMG_1851 IMG_1850

IMG_1849 IMG_1848

We finished our day walking around the Corniche and enjoying these great and unique views…


This picture is just to remember you that there are goats everywhere in Senegal 😉



Hope you enjoyed the post!!!





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