Sipo village

After having visited the Fathala Park, we arranged another boat excursion to visit the village of Sipo.

Sipo is an island village located in the Sine-Saloum Delta and has a population of 116 people approximately. As I told you in the other post (, the area is known for its amazing mangrove ecosystem.   

We took off from the hotel’s deck:




On our trip there, we saw again all types of birds hid in the mangroves…

_DSC8053 _DSC8061 _DSC8070 _DSC8074



_DSC8082 _DSC8080



IMG_2152 IMG_2151



Once there…


_DSC8101 _DSC8095


We visited some rice plantations. They used water of a well to water the plants and did all the work manually, there’s hardly anything in Sipo so people use their own resources to live and to generate food and water.


IMG_2166 IMG_2164


Sipo villagers live in hay houses which are built by all the workforces of the village who contribute in building each others’ house.


We also visited a small school payed by the swiss in which villagers of all ages went there to learn basic education.



_DSC8110 _DSC8109

To finish the visit, they took us to meet with the “Sipo queen”. She told us she got married to the Sipo King, and therefore, inherited his title (in Sipo, the society works with castes). She showed us her house and the level of poverty was astonishing, never seen something like this before…

_DSC8126 _DSC8122



This was the ‘tourist market’, where they sold mainly bracelets and necklaces…



Again, on the way back, the views were beautiful…




Hope you liked the post.












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