Souimanga Lodge – the roadtrip continues

So the end of the journey was arriving and we had to figure a way back without driving through the horrible road we went through the first time.

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 20.17.33

We were in Les Paletuviers and we had to go straight up to Diofior where our next hotel was located. So, to avoid the main roads marked in blue, we drove upwards through secondary roads (much better than roads with broken cement…!) and we got a ferry to cross the river (from the brown spot that’s closest to hotel les Paletuviers to the other brown spot just over it).


_DSC8157 _DSC8153


The ferry was a great and fast! Tip: if you’re thinking in getting it, go at least 15 minutes before the leaving time because it’s really small (it only fits about 5 or 6 cars).

Once we arrived at the other side of the river, the trafic was a disaster. Only one lane for each way and cars parked everywhere… We waited at least an hour for everyone to settle down in their queue.


_DSC8173 _DSC8166



When we finally got out of the traffic jam, we continued our way to Diofior, where Souimanga Lodge Hotel was located.

The rooms were little wooden houses with the Delta Sine Saloum views… Beautiful!

This was ours! Le chambre double sur le jardin.


_DSC8185 _DSC8188



And this was my parents’. Le chambre double sur la lagune…


They had their own little deck with sofas to chill with the Delta’s views!


So we left our stuff and we headed to the swimming pool where we had an “aperitif” and a late lunch.



IMG_2200 IMG_2190





We were really tired after the trip so we decided to take a nap and relax at Souimanga’s little deck while we saw all types of birds fly over us whilst the sea was lowering its tide.

IMG_2219 _DSC8214 _DSC8211

The dinner was great! They make you choose between a selection of fine, good quality meals which you eat under the moonlight with a great atmosphere.


If you liked the hotel, you can book it through their website:

Hope you enjoyed the post!!

Next one is the last one. Visiting Joal&Fadiouth and back to Dakar.






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