Joal-Fadiouth final stop

This particular morning, we woke up to this 🙂


It was our last travelling day and we had to decide what to visit. We had already done the mangrove tour so we left the hotel towards the village of Joal & Fadiouth.

We drove more or less for 2 hours and again, we chose secondary roads to avoid destroyed ones. The views were great!

_DSC8241 _DSC8235


Joal lies in the mainland and Fadiouth is a little island linked with Joan by a bridge.




The village’s main attractive is its whole shell floor coverage. No cars are allowed to circulate and locals live mainly from fishing and tourism.

_DSC8253 _DSC8257

The continuous flow of tourism has made this locals care about their town. I had never seen such conscious Senegalese with keeping their town clean of rubbish.

Also, muslims and christians live in peace and therefore you can see small churches next to other mosques without representing a big issue for them. We arrived just in time for a mass and it was gorgeous! From the colours, to the songs they sang. Everyone was happily singing and celebrating life.

_DSC8258 _DSC8263





This was the assembly meeting where the citizens met once a week to take popular decisions regarding the village and its functioning.


We then crossed another bridge to arrive to its shell cemetery. It was amazing, shells everywhere covering millenary senegalese families. Muslims and christians where again buried together, even when they die, they rest in peace!



While crossing the bridge, our guide explained about their famous granaries, which they still keep on stilts in the water to avoid animals from eating their grain.


Once at the cemetery…


_DSC8282 _DSC8288


The landscapes where gorgeous but even though citizens were more conscious about cleaning than in other cities in Senegal, some things still need to be changed…


Here’s the end of my journey, hope you enjoyed it!!






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