Safari and baobab climbing

Today’s post is all about adventure activities to do just one hour away from Dakar.


Bandia’s reserve is between Sindia and Nguékokh (and just 15kms away from Saly). You’ll find all the information in their website:

It costs 10.000Fcfa (about 20 dollars) per person, 40.000Fcfa (about 80 dollars) for the small truck (the one in the picture) and 5.000Fcfa (about 10 dollars) for the guide.

We desperately wanted to see some wild animals in Senegal so we headed up to the Bandia Reserve.

Once we were there, we rented a jeep and a guide who took us to the reserve’s best places.



We didn’t see carnivores (with the exception of a hyena) but we saw from rhinos to zebras, hundreds of different birds, giraffes, buffalos, monkeys, jackals, ostriches, crocodiles…



In the middle of the way, a giraffe stood just in front of us staring and the guide let us go down the car and watch this amazing (and tall!) animals from really really close:

IMG_8770 IMG_8771



Zebras were amazing!!! Their perfectly defined stripes and their “donkey looking” body made me stand there and just stare at them…

IMG_4554 IMG_8061



IMG_8866 IMG_8085

The views of the park were awesome…

IMG_8873 IMG_8821


Then, the guide made us walk tracking the rhinos footprints and we almost got excited like if we were real adventurer. Adrenaline increased walking through “their” territory… We got to see ostriches and more beautiful views.

IMG_8010 IMG_8003

If you looked closely, you could see beautiful and unique birds and other types of small monkeys.

IMG_8774 IMG_8853

Andddd finally!!! TWO RHINOS!!! One of them was lying down but the other was standing up, still and looking straight into our eyes. It was scary but very exciting at the same time. I’d never seen such a huge animal from so close in an open area…

IMG_8018 IMG_4502


IMG_8025 IMG_8017

After seeing these beautiful animals, we went to the reserve’s restaurant where we ate a pizza surrounded by a big lake with crocodiles who they let us feed with meat.


IMG_4595 IMG_4588

Crocodiles getting tanned…


The restaurant was full of monkeys who stole your food. Fortunately, all tables had a Monkey Gun to scare them away 🙂

IMG_0273 IMG_8902

This monkey was actually eating my pizza…

IMG_8911 IMG_0264


Just across the main street, there’s a hanging park constructed over the baobab trees

It costs 15.000Fcfa (about 20dollars) for the whole circuit plus 4.000Fcfa more if you want to try the long zipline (315m length and 24m high). They apply a discount if you’re more than one person. By the way, they don’t accept credit cards!

We had a great time climbing all those trees and riding through the extra long zipline in a beautiful natural setting.

This was the first zip line…


And this is me being reaaaally agile…

IMG_0100 IMG_0106

IMG_0112 IMG_0141

Look at the views!!!


IMG_0137 IMG_0114

It started to get difficult…

IMG_0161 IMG_0167

IMG_0158 IMG_0146

We did it!!!


We finished our accrobaobab Adventure with tree climbing:

IMG_0193 IMG_0194

Hope you liked today’s adventurous post!! 😉

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