Christmas market

Yesterday, while I was searching for an address, I walked around the Institut Français (89 Rue Joseph Gomis, Dakar) and saw a huge market. I entered it and found all types of african crafts and colors which woke up my imagination.


There were all kinds of stands; clothes, ceramics, skin products, bio food, leather goods, jewelry, accessories, art…

IMG_0142 IMG_0148 IMG_0149 IMG_0151

As you can see, everything was handmade and the majority of things were typically senegalese. Textiles and clothing were the most african recognizable pieces:

IMG_0158 IMG_0156

I also saw music instruments I’d never seen before and other type of tribal decorations:

IMG_0155 IMG_0147

Handbags and silver jewelry:

IMG_0145 IMG_0154

The gardens were amazing, it was like if you were inside a fairy story, really nice to walk around:


There’s also a very pleasant restaurant in the same gardens where you can eat or simply rest while having a drink.

I highly recommend to visit this ‘Marché de Noel’. It is free all days from 10am to 8pm and saturdays from 2pm to 9pm. It will be visible until the 22nd of December, hurry up!