Fathala Park

As we were staying in Les Paletuviers Hotel for two nights (check out last post for more info: https://itsaboutsenegal.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/travelling-south-to-delta-sine-saloum/), we had plenty of time to do all the activities scheduled. So next morning, we headed to Fathala Park, which was just a 15 minute ride south.

We booked the guided Game Drive and Lion walk package all together, so prices were cheaper. We also booked an adapted 4×4 to live the whole experience!


We started seeing Warthogs; these “prehistoric” looking animals eat grass with their front paws kneeled… We also saw zebras, antelopes, different types of birds and vegetation…

_DSC7782 _DSC7785

_DSC7801 _DSC7881

_DSC7790 _DSC7835

_DSC7796 _DSC7872

Suddenly we arrived to a valley filled with all kinds of wild animals living between them in total harmony…


_DSC7814 _DSC7822 _DSC7841 _DSC7848

By the way, these little birds which are placed on top of the bull, are called “buphagus africanus” and it’s a kind of bird which disinfests big mammals by eating insects that are harmful for them.

The star of the park was, by difference, the white rhino (it’s not actually white but it’s called like this…).


_DSC7845 _DSC7844


Once we continued, we saw loads of sand humps made by termites. These red ants search for water underground, bring it to the surface and spit it to the sand to be able to solidify the structure of the hump. Normally the height of this hump is the same as the depth of the place where they find the water.

Amazing to see that termites are able to construct this stuff huh???


We then came across these beautiful giraffes. There were four of them eating from the same tree. These animals have the strongest tongues of all, they eat pointy plants that are found on top of the trees.


_DSC7889 _DSC7887 _DSC7866 _DSC7869

Remember what I told you about the “buphagus africanus” bird? Here you can see it doing the same stuff with the giraffes…

On our way back we managed to see some monkeys and more of these beautiful landscapes…

_DSC7906 _DSC7908 _DSC7900

Once we were back in the reception, we eat a pizza in its outdoor restaurant whilst waiting for the ‘walking with lions’ guide.

_DSC7920 _DSC7922

Aaaand finally!!!! And this point we were super scared… they gave us these wooden sticks because the lions understand them as an object of respect…


In we go!! and what do we see? Two big lions resting under a tree, no collars, no ropes, nothing. Just us and them…


After a while, the nerves calmed down, and we totally enjoyed our walk together.


_DSC7931 _DSC7944


_DSC7975 _DSC7971


_DSC7990 _DSC7987 _DSC7993

_DSC7979 _DSC8000

This was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve done in my life, these animals are incredible, and being able to walk with them in their habitat is awesome!

Finally, after the walking with lions activity, Michael showed us the construction of the new 5 star luxury lodge they are building inside the park.

These are the common areas:


_DSC8018 IMG_2095


And the accomodations:



_DSC8035 IMG_2103

_DSC8029 _DSC8030


As you can see, the works haven’t been finished but the opening is due this next month.

All tents will be fully equipped with air conditioning, bathrooms (have you seen the outdoor shower?!), beautiful furniture imported of South Africa and all the commodities of a 5 star lodge. Also,  additional  specialised acitivites will be offered to the lodge guests such as a visit to an island in the mangroves which is part of the Fathala property, fishing, bird watching, bush walks, african bush spa, etc.

So, if you wish to relax and have a wildlife experience in the nature but with all luxury services available, contact Claire through her website: http://www.fathala.com/

Hope you liked todays post!!





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